News Post: Burlesque is Nerdy!

I've been too busy to keep up with the promise of anything remotely like "Daily" Burlesque, but I am still in the process of editing more amazing interviews...just verrrrry sloooowly.

One of the things I did while working like crazy was to be interviewed myself:

' "A lot of burlesque is about being an inappropriate female," either in appearance or in lifestyle, said Weldon. '

Burlesque revival: more nerdy than sexy?

There are a couple of sentences I have to wonder about--for instance, I'm not exactly a school teacher in the sense that reading that description without info might lead the reader to believe, I'm a burlesque teacher. And it's more than a bit annoying to have your life's work, which you can see right here in my blog, attributed to someone else, even when that person is also quite worthy of being considered a researcher. But it's a fun article!


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