Every Now And Then...

I've been working since 8 am and I just decided to take a few minutes off from running, writing, and wriggling to do something utterly useless. Here it is:

My Burlesque Name is Jonquille Valdeon.
Take The Burlesque Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Actually, my other stage name is Fanny Fromage.

By Ted D'Ottavio

Basically, I'm all about the cheese.


Susan said…
Cool! I'm Narcissus Havarti.
Anonymous said…
Mine is Orange Blossom Parmesan. Say that really fast 10 times!!
Anonymous said…
Hehe - I'm Amaryllis Jarrlsburg!
Gal Friday said…
I am Amaryllis Ricotta! So, I am Rebecca known as "jainky" in college, Gal Friday to most, and Amaryllis Ricotta in the world of cheese! A pseudonym with a stage name :)

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