Liz Renay Events This Week

The scene behind the show today was electric. Liz-o-philes and others were buzzing about hanging masterpieces and wondering where this or that had gotten to.
"Has anyone seen the black beaded g string?"
"You mean this?"
"No honey, that's a rhinestone underwire."

Billy Beyond is blogging about all the amazing Liz Renay events this week, you have to check it out!

January 09, 2009 — January 31, 2009
76 Grand Street, New York
Deitch Projects and the Burlesque Hall of Fame present "How To Attract Men" a retrospective exhibit of the art of Liz Renay. Pre-pop , Pre-punk, and an outsider on the inside- Liz Renay created her own reality and an enormous body of work along the way including four books, three dozen films and miles of printed publicity. In the first New York showing of her paintings in fifty years, Deitch Projects 76 Grand Street gallery will feature original paintings as well as a salon of important collages, costumes, and artifacts from Ms. Renay's archives in the Burlesque Hall of Fame.
Liz’s life story weaves itself through almost every American subculture during her life time-burlesque, the Hollywood studio system, television, rock and roll, sexploitaion and punk films, the mafia and women's prison. She precipitated and participated in the sexual revolution. Through it all she created a large body of paintings and art. This work would seem unbelievable if created by any other artist- but in the case of Liz Renay, it is a direct reflection of a life as art.

Liz Renay
How to Attract Men

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Miss Lady K said…
I checked out the exhibit last night, it's wonderful! I need to go back when it's less crowded so I can actually read everything, but it was so fun and interesting.

Great job by all involved!

Looking forward to the performances on Sunday!

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