Burlesque Denied!

"PRUDISH Camden Council has been blasted as "Orwellian" after banning burlesque dancers taking to the borough's stages.



Glamourpuss said…
This is such a worrying development and one can only pray other councils don't follow suit - it would be the death of the scene. It all stems from controversial proposed changes to the licensing laws based around objections to lap dancing clubs, but because they are all so bloody ignorant and use 'lap dance', 'pole' dance' and 'strip tease' interchangably, there's the potential to insist every venue holding pole dance classes or burlesque will need to apply for a 'sex encounter establishment' license. Madness.

Anonymous said…
Ugh. I am so sick of women's bodies being treated as though they are the Forbidden Fruit. It's like people think merely viewing a woman's body will strip a person of their innocence and morality and unleash evil unto the world. The U.S. has some serious issues to get over.
The US does have some serious issues. However, this is happening in the UK.

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