Why do you think so many of todays Burlesque performers don't take pride in keeping their body in shape? Is burlesque really just an excuse for some out of shape women to take their clothes off and try to feel good about themselves?

The world is full of places where women are encouraged to feel bad about themselves if they aren't willing to diet and exercise into the condition the media says they should be. Feel free to go to those places, and stay in one of them.

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Anonymous said…
Amen Jo!
I love you more & more Jo! :) Perfect reply!!
Gaina said…
Ha! That wiped their face for 'em! :D
Sarah Sparks said…
What a great response! Thanks Jo!
Damiana Dolce said…

Sad how the question is phrased to imply that only the fittest deserve to feel good about themselves and the rest need find an excuse to try.
n/a said…
LOVE you! I'm not a burlesque performer (yet), but one of my favorite things about going to burlesque revues is seeing women of all shapes and sizes delighting in their bodies. They are damn sexy!

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