Inspiration Post: Miss Indigo Blue

From Indigo's Facebook:

Just found my 2007 intention statement:
My intention is to: fulfill my divine purpose to exemplify embodied femininity; empower and support people to transform themselves and live their own passions; positively impact peoples' feelings about their bodies and their sexuality; experience satisfaction, pleasure and amusement while living tri-continentally; produce funny, meaningful, political, and entertaining art.

I just stole this without her permission because if I ask her, it'll take forever. You know how you can get things done in two seconds with strangers, but it takes forever to do it with a friend? So you know.

Indigo was the Headmistress and Founder of the Seattle Academy of Burlesque shortly before I opened the School of Burlesque, and no one has been a bigger influence on my approach to and mission for NYSB. While working on the development of a program of education for The Burlesque Hall of Fame, she suggested we develop an education weekender, and Burlycon was born.

These inspiration posts are short because, actually, I'm supposed to be finishing a book proposal for a commercial mass-market gift book right now, and I have to be responsible about that fun but demanding project. I hope the posts inspire you to think about your inspirations!


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