Miss Exotic World Pageant Announced!

The applications for the Miss Exotic World Pageant are up! Click here to get one.

Gigi Signing in Performers at Exotic World 2006
Gigi La Femme signing in performers at the Miss Exotic World Pageant in Las Vegas.

Click here for a little history of the Pageant.

Click here to see some youtube clips from Exotic World.

If you haven't been to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Striptease reunion that happens the Friday night before the Pageant, when all the legends of burlesque perform, you can't imagine how fierce and wonderful those ladies really are. I've been incredibly lucky to be a part of it!

Tempest Storm
Tempest Storm, Burlesque Hall of Famer, performing at Exotic World, 2004, in Helendale.


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