Picture Post: Tigger!

Tigger is a fabulous speaker, Shakespearean actor, and a librarian, as well a fre-quent co-conspirator with Julie Atlas Muz. He's also one of the most charismatic and entertaining performers in burlesque, with a clear aesthetic and highly developed numbers. He's a lot of fun to photograph!

Tigger at Coney Island.
Tigger at the Slipper Room, NYC
Tigger at Starshine Burlesque.
Tigger at the Slipper Room.
Backstage at the Sensuous Woman
Ian Harvie, Me, Margaret Cho, and Tigger Backstage at The Sensuous Woman.

Tigger on MySpace


Anonymous said…
And he's a very lovely guy.
That first shot is some Vintage This or That!- season 1. Nice!

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