Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular

New Yorkers often bring their most inventive A-Games to Coney Island's Burlesque at the Beach, a series which has been taking place at Sideshows at the Seashore for nearly fifteen years. A theme show at Coney Island is a whole other kind of magical world.

Bambi the Mermaid, for many years the co-producer of the BOTB series, has created some outrageous theme shows there, and one of my favorites so far was the Blacklight Spectacular. She begins planning some of her theme shows years in advance, and they're just not like anything else.

All photos courtesy Norman Blake.

Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular
Bambi Represents the Blacklight

Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular
The Great Fredini, Co-Producer of BOTB.

Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular
Amber Ray, Professional Sensationalist.

Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular
Me, pulling out an old strip joint number for the occasion.

Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular
Julie Atlas Muz goes radioactive.

Bambi's Blacklight Spectacular
Velocity Chyalld does Badass Blacklight Burlesque.

Also amazing was Amber Ray's second number featuring her with Muffinhead, in which she came out covered with balloons filled with neon paint, which Muffinhead popped until she was covered with the paint. I can't even begin to describe Bambi's number with her giant snailshell.

Right now we're gearing up for the new season, and I'll be presenting the students from my Coney Island Master Class there, as well as producing a show about breakfast cereal. Snap, Crackle, Strip!


Dale said…
Dang! I'm sorry I missed this. Don't recall it being promoted, but I haven't been paying as much attention as I should, I guess.
Unknown said…
Wow, those photos are amazing. It reminded me of my jazz dance classes where the class who got to do the blacklight routine ant recitel every year was envied because it was the COOLEST.

Also, let the record show that I have a Frosted Flakes Fetish act, should you have any need for such a thing ;).

Hope you're hangin' in.

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