Fireworks on the Floor


I took this photo while on the Sex Workers Art Show Tour. We stopped for gas, somewhere in Texas, at a place that had a fried chicken counter in the front and a long-closed strip joint in the rear. This carpet looks pretty much like most of the carpet in most of the strip joints where I worked in the 1980s.

Happy Fourth of July, Y'all!

Posted by Jo Weldon, Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, for


Susan said…
Carl's Corner?
I always wondered about that place.
This photo is pretty recent, and it sounds from the article like the strip joint used to be there, instead of still being there. But Carl's sounds interesting!

I have other photos from that day but I can't find them at the moment...maybe one of them will show where we were. Ah, that touring feeling--"Where am I?"

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