Striptease Classes Bump N Grind to a Halt

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"At 4:37 p.m. Thursday afternoon, Rachael Vint found a stop-work order on the door, a piece of paper threatening to put an end to her new business, not to mention ruining her evening...The stop-work order said the address was not zoned for a sexually oriented business, a presumption Vint doesn't agree with. "There's nothing dirty about what we do. This is a natural expression and a great way to exercise," she said.."

Bartlett halts opening of 'Strip To Fit' studio

I don't know that a sexually oriented business is "dirty," or that if it is (as Woody Allen might say, only if done right), that's not a "natural expression and a great way to exercise." But I do know that burlesque classes are sexy! I like adults-only spaces and activities. I hate the idea of a world where everything that isn't designed to accommodate kids is considered unhealthy or shameful and is subject to discriminatory legislation or taxation.

I'm so lax with tags for these posts that I can't find the post I put up several months ago about another burlesque teacher who was prevented from teaching, as I recall by the studio where she wanted to hold the classes.

I'm VERY lucky to have a private space in an actual burlesque club. Here's what part of it looks like after a class:

july2008 186

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Anonymous said…
and what a class it was! see you next Saturday!

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