Biggest Cougar! Let it Be Me!

I haven't posted much because I've been writing a lot (re writing, I am very excited and will have some fun news soon for people who read this blog), and now I have a favor to ask...

I know "Vote for Me" posts can be annoying, but you might find this amusing.

I have been nominated for "Biggest Cougar" at the New York Burlesque Festival!
Vote here!

I am proud, proud, proud to be what some people consider "too old to be stripping" and still doing it!

As for the other connotations of "cougar," bring it on LOL Way to be a school teacher, eh?

So vote for me, if you're so inclined! I would love to represent and would be the proudest middle-aged stripper in burlesque.

Posted by Jo Weldon, Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, for


Gaina said…
Hello :). I'm not sure what's gone wrong but the link appears to be broken. I'll vote as soon as you manage to fix the link :).
Kelly said…
I voted for you Jo! Good luck, what a fabulous title to have to your name.
La Divina said…
I voted as well. However, I am surprised that you were not nominated for "Most Likely To Turn Their Name Into An Unpronounceable Symbol."
Malk said…
Voted as well, though I have to say, the photo they used of you was not the most flattering. Someone is out to sabotage your chances ;)

I personally would have nominated you for best body as well, but the Academy kicked me out for "conduct unbecoming".

Hope you win Gorgeous!

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