Panties of the Middle East

He's got knickers with flashing fairy lights, others that glow in the dark, a bra-and-knickers set shaped like manicured women's hands enveloping the wearer's crotch and breasts.
In a slightly higher price range, he's got remote-controlled bras and knickers, designed to spring open and fall to the floor with a clap of the hands or a press of a button.

Sexy secrets of the Syrian souk

I can't embed the video or images, so you'll have to check out the link if you want to see more. It doesn't show some of the ones I'm dying to see, but you'll get the idea.

With the high level of enthusiasm of most New York burlesque audiences, the "clapper" costumes wouldn't make it through the first 20 seconds of a number!

This link was sent to me by the amazing Scott Shuster of World Dance New York, the lovely people who are producing my burlesque DVDs.


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