Vigil to End Violence Against Sex Workers in New York City

Weds, December 17th, 7-8pm in the center of Washington Square Park

Carry a red umbrella or wear red.

For more information and events in other cities, click the image below.


Malk said…
Is there a way those of us outside the Great Gotham can chip in? This is one of the causes I feel strongly about, but never know what to do. The violence seems to go unnoticed, or taken as less than serious because these people have been marginalized. Its horrific to think of people being seen and treated as less than human because of how they earn their money. I was railing at some friends the other day who were playing Grand Theft Auto and were giddy over abusing a hooker in the game. "So its ok to beat up hookers? Why not football players? or politicians? Maybe hookers should get a game where they get to whack gamers with a baseball bat?" Human rights are for all humans,how difficult is that to comprehend?
Yes, click on the image in the post for that info.

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