Ursula Martinez

One of my students just reminded me of this video, which I love:


Ursula Martinez is the performer who triggered the book "The Happy Stripper" by Jacki Willson, which I'm writing a report on--but you probably won't see it till after my manuscript is in to my adorable editor.

I'm currently finishing my chapter on music and for my taste this is a great example of use of traditional music ("A Shot in the Dark" by Henry Mancini) in a very contemporary way--which I suppose raises the question of whether music from the 60s is contemporary, which I leave to you to debate. I think this routine deserves the attention it has gotten, and I really love it.

I read a detailed analysis of this performance art piece which attributed all kinds of complicated intentions to her and concluded that the final reveal was meant to be menstruation. Maybe, but I think it works however you read it.

Ursula's Website.

Magic or Porn: Are You Amused or is This Offensive?

Posted by Jo Weldon, Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, for burlesquedaily.blogspot.com.


La Divina said…
So what do you think of the book "The Happy Stripper?" I found it to be a hard read; it's taking me over 6 months to read that book and I have yet to finish it.
Glamourpuss said…
Martinez is currently appearing in La Clique in London and I was really delighted to see this act performed live. She has the most amazing comic timing and is a charismatic performer.

Divina, I'll be doing a report later, as it says in my post. The short version is that I like reading dissertations.

Puss, I want to come to London!

And thank you both for posting--it's so great to have your participation!
Gaina said…
Hello Jo :)

I have been hella-busy with my degree hence the late comment on this one.

She's hilarious! 'Nude magical comedy' is a new on one me *lol*.

The most interesting thing to note was the reactions of some audience members, you could see who was appreciating the comedy that happened to incorporate the strip foremost, who was thinking 'I love to have the balls to get up and do that!' and the guys who were totally conflicted thinking 'now if I show any appreciation of this, will my wife think I'm ogling the stripper or into it for the comedy?'.

Anyway, great fun :).

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