Shameless Self-Promotion!!

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I love love the company I worked with, World Dance New York. I also love that they are primarily a bellydance company, because there's some historical synchronicity: the company that released Ann Corio's "How to Strip for Your Husband" was also produced bellydance music, and at one point released Ann's album as part of a set with a bellydance how-to album. The music on "How to Strip..." was mostly by Sonny Lester and is a large portion of the music on the ubiquitous "Striptease Classics."

The music on my DVD is by Ronnie Magri. I'll be posting my interview with him shortly. Ronnie is AMAZING!


Gaina said…
That's so cool! I'm going to log into YT and put that in my favourites right now.
Glamourpuss said…
Fabulous! How exciting! I will have to ask one of my US pals to send me a copy.

Glamourpuss, they have international sales and downloads available on the site.
Unknown said…
you look and sound great in the youtube clip. i can't wait to see the whole thing!
congrats Jo!
Annie said…
Yeah! couldn't resist! I'm waiting for my copy!

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