I am having a very hard time coming up with a stage name! Are there any tips in your book? Do you have any suggestions on how to come up with a good stage name? Thanks!

There are lots of tips in my book for coming up with a stage name. One of them is that if you're planning to perform, you want to make sure that your name is not to similar to a name in use by an exisitng performer so that people don't get you confused. Doing research of this kind is very important.

In class, I usually tell people to start out by just playing with names and having fun with the process before they settle on anything. I always love to have my students play a name game in which they use the name of a flower and the name of a cheese. It loosens them up and gets them thinking about the rhythm of an appealing name. I even posted a burlesque name generator several years ago to get them going.


But you can choose any kind of name that feels right to you.
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