Shoes. I am a flat-shoe girl trying to break into a high heel world. Do you recommend a style to start with (I just wobble on stilettos, and it restricts my movements) and some sources to start with?Thank you in advance!

My Red Pollys

Take your time, and don't worry about working your way up to the very highest heel. Dita Von Teese has her Louboutins, strip joint strippers their lucite Pleasers, but for most of us in burlesque, anything over four inches is a bit much. True, I have my eight-inch lucite tip jar shoes, but I wear them only when I'm hosting, and not when I'm dancing.

You can start in character shoes. Take a look at some here:

Then try these sparklers once you get comfortable in character shoes, available from New York School of Burlesque friend PinupGirl Clothing:

Many New York burlesquers are addicted to Pollys, available in various versions from Pinup Girl, Betsey Johnson, Patricia Field, Bordello Shoes, and on Ebay. I love them so much I wrote an article about them:

Personally, I can be in a terrible mood, but the minute I step into a pair of heels I feel not only taller, but lighter. Dolly Parton says, "The higher the hair, the closer to God." And a pair of heels raises not only your mood and your behind, but your hair as well!

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Sabina said…
Great shoe suggestions, Jo!

Also on the Dancewear site I was checking out the shoe underwear. Brilliant. Or at least it looks like it is. What do you think of those under-shoe socklike things? Have you tried'em?

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