Beware of the Terrible Underboob

'Somehow in Vegas, city of sin and beacon of debauchery, excess and immodesty, a burlesque show of all things was censored this weekend. Never mind that there are strip clubs every five hundred feet, including all nude joints where everything ends up on the floor. Never mind that just outside Clark County limits anyone of age with a bit of cash can indulge in a sexual escapade at a totally legal brothel. The Nevada Gaming Commission simply cannot allow these women, professionals dancers some of whom have traveled more than 13 hours to disrobe in alluring fashion, to perform unimpeded.'
Miss Exotic World contestants have it covered … mostly

That's right. After the Thursday night opening party, Palms officials told the BHOF organizers that the dancers need to cover their breasts from the areola down, as required by the Games Commission.

The Palms was a bit odd in so many ways. Other guests at the Palms kept reacting to the BHOF revelers like we had three heads, and I kept wondering what the hell is up when people are finding the sight of showgirls, circus folks, and sideshow peeps to be somehow unexpected in a Las Vegas casino.

Me with Whitney.
Me with Whitney. Weird, sure, but too weird for Vegas???

For my number, which was a tribute to Sherry Britton and not part of the competition, I was wearing a really long hairpiece and was able to just cover my underboob with my long locks. Other performers got right on it, did some creative costuming, and handled it like they'd done it before.

Trixie Little. Photo by Whitney Ward.
Trixie Little ends her mermaid act with, appropriately, fishnet unders. Photo by Whitney Ward.

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The Palms was basically everything I hate about the Strip, encapsulated into one hotel. I am relieved to discover we won't be returning there. I should have left Mrs. Creature guano in one of the sandbars for something to remember me by.

The twirling class with Tura? My brain shut off when she had me place my hand on her pectoral muscle to show me how it's done. Everything after that is one wonderful blur. Can't wait to see your pics!

I agree - the Palms wasn't a great fit for the crowd.
Anonymous said…
It appears that the "underboob problem" is a classic example of the perceived threat burlesque poses to the status quo.
In a place of avowed debauchery and liberal laws, it takes inventive, vociferous talent to scare 'em. If burlesque wasn't socially challenging, "underboobs" apparently could roam free. Once disembodied parts become agents of smart, witty talent - suddenly knees start shakin'! Even today, burleskers are seen as the ultimate subverts! Praise our perseverance!
Congrats ladies, for still rockin' despite censorship!
Torchy Taboo said…
You almost expect foolishness like this in Nashville, where I've experienced the "underboob" law...but Vegas?!
Well, we've all heard of "Nash-vegas," this must be the "Vegas-nash!!"

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