Miss Exotic World Pageant Winners!

Did I really think I was going to have time to blog on this wild trip???

I just have to make this post happen, though. Thanks to all the performers, the producers, volunteers, and audience of the show, and congratulations to the winners!

Best Debut

Perle Noire
Image from Perle's myspace

Best Duo

Jewel of Denial and Kat Bardot
Image from Jewel's myspace

Best Boylesque
Sin Jyn
Photo by Daniel R. Kane

Best Troupe

Peak-a-boo Revue
Photo from the Revue's myspace

2nd Runner Up for Miss Exotic World
Trixie Little Debones Her Mermaid Tail at the Miss Coney Island Pageant
Trixie Little
Photo by me

1st Runner Up for Miss Exotic World

Lux La Croix
Image from Lux's myspace

Miss Exotic World 2008
Angie Pontani, Miss Exotic World 2008!
Angie Pontani
Photo by Whitney Ward

And thanks to our judges, Catherine D'Lish, Lily Burana, Lisa Kereszi, Grant Philipo, and Viva La Fever! The performers were all outstanding and they had quite a task.

When I get home I'll post more photos. In the meantime, search on flickr for "exotic world" and "burlesque hall of fame," and you should see some fabulous shots!

Posted by Jo Weldon, Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, for burlesquedaily.blogspot.com.


Susan said…
Oh, hooray for Perle! I had the extreme pleasure of being in a show with her in March and she is just jaw-droppingly wonderful.
daniel harvey said…
Angie looks deservedly happy. What a thrill!
I was sitting with a bunch of the Legends during Angie's performance, and simply from their commentary, I knew Angie was going to win it.

I wish the winners were given time to enjoy their triumph on stage, but I'm assuming this was due to more Palms douche-baggery. Still, a wonderful show....and the glittertards completely rocked it like there was no tommorrow.

I think my favorite act was Sexy Mark Brown's JAWS number...but you know me and sharks

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