The Camden Council's Statement on Burlesque

"The Council has met with the burlesque community in response to their concerns and agreed to seek a clearer understanding of what constitutes adult entertainment. This will help define what reasonable measures premises should put in place prior to adult entertainment being performed. "
The Camden Council's Statement on Burlesque

Is Camden Council Banning Burlesque?

Certain comments below the Timeout article seem to be related to Penny's argument against burlesque. (I find it so ironic that this article is illustrated with an image of Julie Atlas Muz.) Penny diluted her argument herself in her discussion with Dr. Lucky when she said, "I'm a massive fan of burlesque," a position nowhere reflected in the inflammatory article. It appears certain kinds of burlesque are ok, others not so much. If it's not laden with politics, if it's just pretty, watch out! There goes the neighborhood.


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