Sealboy and the Blondes

Sealboy and the Blondes

One of my favorite burlesque shows of all times was Sealboy and the Blondes at the Slipper Room in 2008, featuring Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz. I was in a dark place and it brought me to the light. And it ended with this cream pie fight:
Pie fight

Night before last they took this show to Fire Island--read all about it!
Nardicio Presents Sealboy & the Blondes at the Palace, Burlesque for a Full Moon Night


Gaina said…
Haha, Mat Frazer is a very cool person. I remember last year I read an interview in the 'Disability Now' magazine with him and I wanted to question him further about a few things he said, so I emailed him and he could not have been more approachable and we had an interesting exchange of views on a few subjects :).
KeithSonic said…
Looks like a great fun show! I LOVE CREAM PIE FIGHTS!

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