"What happens when burlesque comes back to Baltimore’s red-light district?"

Something like this!

"This will be Trixie and Monkey’s debut at the Hustler Club, the largest and newest club on the Block, the city’s radically diminished but still-breathing downtown adult entertainment district. Most of their local shows have been in very different venues—stripping for artsy crowds at the Creative Alliance or hipsters at the Ottobar. If there is any doubt that Trixie and Monkey will be out of their element here, it vanishes at noon, when the club opens and the house dancers hit the stage. These strippers begin their routines where Trixie and Monkey leave off...." Read more of this great great article, featuring interviews with everyone from Gal Friday to Satan's Angel, at Urbanite Baltimore.


Susan said…
You know, this sounds like a great time, but I would not want to be one of the (Hustler) dancers who had to work that night! Can you imagine how much that screwed up their weekend?
True, but the clubs I've worked at that had occasional special events always did them on weekends. Sometimes I'd stick around to check out the event, sometimes I'd take that weekend off and go visit my mom.
Gal Friday said…
They were very generous in giving up their work time. Not only generous, every lady who worked there was nothing but kind and supportive! A great night!!


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