Is Burlesque Demeaning to Women?

The article on Millie Dollar I linked a few posts back sparked a bit of a controversy among readers, one of whom said, 'It is mostly men who attend these shows and they are quite happy to ogle the women and treat them as nothing more than sex objects.'

Sadly, the other letters intended to respond to that statement were quite inadequate as arguments. While I realize not everyone has studied philosophy, I didn't find myself admiring the persuasiveness of ANY of the letter writers.

Fortunately, this article makes quite a bit more sense:
'The phenomenal rise of burlesque over the past years has been propelled by its popularity among women. There were men in the room, but mostly they were under the protective wing of female friends. It was girls’ night. ... 'There is a growing industry supporting the increasing popularity of burlesque. As satirical as it may be, it remains happily within the world of erotica. It is a fun and sophisticated branch of erotica, however, that encourages women to participate as consumers and producers and relegates the male eye to a secondary place while playing with what attracts it.'

I love a thinker who actually thinks.

'It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.'
Mae West


Anonymous said…
"It isn't what you call me, it's what I answer to that matters.
African proverb

the controversy is publicity-
and it pushes people to discuss and diffuse it
it pushes people to examine their own buttons...and
a lot of us who were vehemently against
ended up performing (like I did ) around the world with tassles on out tits- and loved it.
Anonymous said…
there's been another writer who claim burlesque treats women like meat, and only a certain kind of woman strips for money...!
i always thought i was so sweet and innocent, i can't believe all this controversy over lil ol' me!
They had issues before you got there! LOL They won't listen to anything because they already know what they think, that's been my experience with people who talk about burlesque without knowing anything about it. Oh gee,maybe they went to ONE show, where they were still in their own heads and not ACTUALLY observing what was going on around them--but usually not, usually they think what they think based on NO experience, or on a very limited range of experience that wouldn't happen were you are.

For my part, I'll definitely cop to being a "certain kind of woman." No problem!

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