New Blog! Burlesque Babes

Remember my interview with Sparky Lobo, Purveyor of Burlesque Memorabilia?

If you enjoyed the photos in the interview on my blog, you'll love the blog she just started under her new business name of Burlesque Babes, where she has started locating information about the women in those pictures:

Burlesque Babes

Above, from the new blog: Sintana, who is interviewed in Marilyn Suriani Futterman's book Dancing Naked in the Material World. I also appear in the book, with pictures of me from way back when my stripper stage name was "Cheryl," after Riff Randall's brunette sidekick in Rock N Roll High School. If you view the video I just linked, you'll see Cheryl right after Clint Howard says, "Nice set of pom poms!" And, even though I haven't yet achieved the vintage hairstyle in the book below, I did achieve Cheryl's (actually the photo below is from 1979, before the movie came out):

If you're wondering about the more stream-of-consciousness, personally-oriented tack this blog is taking at the moment, when it used to be more like a magazine, see the "notice" post a few days back.

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