News Post: Millie Dollar, Dancing to the Beat

Above: A picture from Millie's Myspace. If you've spent any time backstage with me, you know I love a girl with corset lines!

'The Australian-born 22-year-old grew up in Glasgow struggling with hearing problems. It affected her speech and ability to understand people, but boy can she dance....

' Being a burlesque performer is all about the music and moving with its beat and rhythm, which is a huge challenge for someone with a degenerative hearing loss.

' "As long as it's loud enough, I'm fine," said Millie. "I memorise my music as much as I can, but there have been times I've missed my cues because it was too low. It will get worse with age so I'm going to keep performing as long as I can." '

Rave reviews for the burlesque babe with rare hearing condition


Anonymous said…
oh thank you jo! i know my corsets are too tight!!!
haven't got a copy of this yet, but they got some stuff wrong, i lived in oz but was born in liverpool! and have hearing loss, i'm not too bad yet!!
Millie. xx
At least half the articles I'm in have some factual errors in them! There's nothing like having a misquote become part of history.

I DO like corset lines. There are tons of pix with me with corset lines. I especially like corset lines from the criss-cross across the back.

Some people go to a lot of trouble to not have corset lines, or to make sure their corset meets in the back so there are no lacing lines. I think that's cool too, but I really think seeing the corset come off to show the marks of compression is awesome--as a reveal, I really love it.

When people have bondage in their acts, I also enjoy the look the rope leaves when it comes off. So I suppose I'm a bit of a perv.
Anonymous said…
haha i know what you mean actually!
i lace mine to meet as i'm waist training, 19 at the mo...!
also someone has complained about that article saying burlesque is sleazy and cheap and bad for young womens self - respect..!
She doesn't know what she's talking about. When the only tool someone knows how to wield is a hammer, they think everything's a nail.

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