Are there any Asian burlesque dancers out there?

Margaret Cho, who wrote the foreword to my book, is Asian.

I've worked with several performers from Japan, including Sexy Davinci, a boylesque performer who wowed everybody at last year's New York Burlesque Festival. I first met Erochica Bamboo, The Tokyo Tornado, at the Sex Workers' Film Festival in 2001, which occured in San Francisco at the same time that the first TeaseORama convention was happening in New Orleans. She became Miss Exotic World in 2003
I've also worked a lot with Murasaki Babydoll
Just yesterday this article came out about Asian burlesque performers:
Here's a video of Calamity Chang, who now runs Dim Sum Burlesque, performing in my student showcase last year:

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Moggy said…
In New York, I saw an Asian performer calling herself Kobayashi Maru.
Unknown said…
There's also the fabulous and lovely Shanghai Pearl from Seattle.

She actually turned me on to the book called "Forbidden City" about Asian burlesque star from the past. It's an amazing book.
Tiara said…
Hi! I'm Asian! Originally from Malaysia, Bangladeshi heritage, now based in Australia.

There's a fair few around the world, though some do have to keep on the downlow due to family pressures (my parents think I'm running a brothel -_-'').
Hi Jo! Brown Girls Burlesque features women of color from all around the world. Our Asian comrades include: our production designer Dame CuchiFrita is an absolute genius of storytelling and aesthetic. exHOTic Other's work confronts political issue with a light hearted comedic touch. She's also the winner of the SF Fringe Festivals Solo award for 2009 for her piece Recess. She studies with the same clowning teacher as Julie Atlas Muz.
BGB - Don't forget us! WE'RE HERE!
Smooches & Sparkles,
Chicava HoneyChild
At Gosney & Kallman's CHINATOWN, China's only burlesque nightclub located in Shanghai, we feature Miss Shanghai Lil and Miss Lavender Chase. Miss Shanghai Lil is from Shanghai and entertains in Mandarin and English, and is the first Shanghainese Burlesque star in China. Miss Lavender Chase is of Taiwanese decent and has stunned audiences in Australia, London, and is a resident member of The Chinatown Dolls.

They famously perform nightly in such acts as 'The Chinese Fan Dance,' featuring Noel Toy, 'Shanghai Lil,' which is a multi-media performance with the entire cast featuring Frank Bray, Johnny Sideways, Shanghai Lil, and the 1939 movie Footlight Parade, Nanjing Xi Lu Shopping skit, blindfolded pole dancing, and the original Mao meets burlesque 'Robber' act. They also perform in all the chorus line production numbers and have become stand out performers and stars amongst local and international crowds.
Chicava--you know I dig you and I love me some Dame. I didn't forget anybody! I just posted a quick sampler of some of the people I've performed with the most. I have faith people will add to these posts. When is the next Brown Girls production?
Unknown said…
Hi again Jo,
Thanks for asking, apologies that life caused a delay in responding.
Our next show, Reminisce - First Beats, First Loves will be June 26 @ the Bowery Poetry Club. Its a hip hop extravaganza!
Our theatrical show for the year is called Culture Classics and it goes up Oct 22 & 23 @ the Kumble Theater in Brooklyn.
Culture Classics will be a UN of Burlesque that deals with the stereotype, and the sacred, celebration and struggle in the midst of sensual expression. Using fishnets to net together a world of women's stories Culture Classics is a fusion gumbo of world movement and storytelling.
BGB is committed to cultivating diversity, inclusion and strong production value in burlesque. The Neo-Burlesque movement has been re-birthed from the 19th & 20th century cultural landscape that was segregated, separate and unequal. I feel that is very important to continue healing these fissures in our society as artists and as women. And for all that loftiness there's infinite room for us to be as sexy, radical and thought-provoking as we choose to be.
I know that you, Jo, and School of Burlesque are committed to the beauty of the art as well as the reclamation of self worth and self expression of all the ladies that come through your door. I feel you are a titan of a business woman and respect you very deeply.
Working together Goddesses of every hue, ethnicity and orientation will continue to emerge.
Chicava HoneyChild

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