Do you think you'll perform striptease forever, or do you think you'll stop at some point, and maybe make an occasional appearance at events like Exotic World 2040? Do you think the burlesque performers today will just keep going?

My focus is somewhat more on teaching and writing than on getting performance gigs, but as long as people will hire me, I'll be grateful to keep performing! Some people might think that a performer should stop when they're "too old," etc., but I'm not a fan of the concepts that someone might be "too out of shape to wear those pants" or "too old to wear that hairstyle." I don't like it when "maintaining dignity" is defined as always avoiding the possibility of being considered laughable or inappropriate. Life's too short.

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Romain said…
I totally agree with ur answer... Just looking at the pictures of the Former Burlesque Queens, show how great they still look in their dresses... + there are some videos of Tempest Storm doing numbers at an advanced age... And she still look amazing!!!
I guess it's a question of personality... if you still feel you can handle it, perform and enjoy it then I guess it will be pleasant looking and the public will love it.
I think the Burlesque public is really open minded... well I think it is!!

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