I bought a set of ostrich fans a couple of years ago, and I can't find anything on how to care for them. Some of the vanes have separated - is any way to comb them back together? Any suggestions on how to care, and properly store them?

I'm glad you asked! There is something I've been meaning to mention here, and this is a great opportunity.
It's really important for folks to know that burlesque feathers are just feathers, and burlesque rhinestones are like any other rhinestones. This means that cleaning techniques used on feathers that are not on burlesque costumes are the same for feathers that are. So, any google search for feather care or evening wear care, etc., will turn up useful results. This extends to copyright law (NEVER take legal advice from anyone but a lawyer or tax advice from anyone but a tax expert), ettiquette, prop-making, and so on. I mention this only so you know that there are people who have hardcore expertise in such things, and few of them are burlesque performers.
This is the feather care resource I cite in my book:
Here's an additional link on how to take care of ostrich feathers:
And, the two performers I know who know the most about feather care are Catherine D'Lish and Legend Fannie Annie. So I may ask them a few questions and follow up for you--and post it here so folks can find it by googling later.

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bawd barker said…
Thanks so much for the info!

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