Hi! I will be in NYC from May 10 to May 13 with three girlfriends...I saw the school on the last What Not to Wear and thought it would be great for us to take a class that week - what would you suggest? Thanks! Sondra sondramadison@gmail.com

Hi Sondra! We had so much fun on that show!
Any classes that are listed are intended for beginners to intermediate, unless the listing says otherwise. You'll have fun in any of them! I especially recommend the Flirting with Burlesque class--it's part burlesque, part dance, part exercise.
For another take on What Not to Wear:

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“For generations burlesque introduced young American males to the pleasures of the discretely bared breast and the perfectly time double entendre. Now thanks to Leslie Zemeckis and "Behind the Burly Q" dozens of women and men recount, wryly, warmly, (and a little cattily) the story of their lives on the show biz fringe. Which turns out to be the story of an extended family--funny, sad, highly moral and much less hypocritical than the audiences they played for. Zemeckis acted just in time--many of her subjects have not lived to see the film they helped make--and she has preserved for us a lively, lovely corner of American life without sentimentalizing of satirizing it.”
– Richard Schickel, film critic, Time Magazine

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