Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque

"DIRTY MARTINI AND THE NEW BURLESQUE explores the tantalizing world of the performers who created the new burlesque scene in NYC: Miss Dirty Martini and her friends Julie Atlas Muz, Bambi the Mermaid, Tigger!, World Famous BOB and others. Dirty is a classically trained dancer who struggled since childhood to overcome criticism of her size. Like Bette Midler, she became part of the downtown drag scene where she was finally accepted for her talent, and went on to develop her act in the East Village drag clubs.
The movie’s seductiveness comes from its sexy acts as well as its dark exploration of these performers’ struggle to pay their bills, their quest for romance and inability to envision life after the world of burlesque. In addition, many topics are explored such as the relationship between sex work, burlesque and feminism. The new burlesque, which is defined as performance art combined with modern dance and political satire, is exploding in New York as well as other major cities."


I appear in the film, and I'll be performing at the Dallas premiere April 30 and teaching in Dallas the following day!

40th Annual USA Film Festival (April 28 - May 2)
Friday, April 30, 9:30pm
Angelika Film Center, Dallas
5341 E. Mockingbird Lane (in Mockingbird Station)
Advance tickets will be on sale via Ticketmaster beginning APRIL 16 at 214-631-2787.

Visit the film's website for more information!

Dirty Martini
Dirty onstage in The Sex Workers Art Show in Boston. Photo by me.

Read my interview with Dirty

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roseanne said…
wow wow wow! i cannot wait to see this!

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