Burlesque Costumiers on Etsy

Above: Me in a Beaded Fringe Costume I Made For Myself.
Below: Me in a Reptile Costume I Made For Myself (Not the Head Though)

Usually, I post about bespoke costumiers, as in my past articles about Garo Sparo and Catherine D'Lish, and I'll keep doing that! However, I want to make sure that burlesquers who don't have the resources or inclination for fittings and custom work know that they can shop online as well.

I asked some of my friends to name their favorite Etsy accounts. I like the dedicated, experienced burlesque costumiers on Etsy because they know what burlesquers need and want. For instance, most mass-produced tasseled pasties aren't made to produce the optimal twirl. but makers on Etsy usually know what works! They know how to make breakaways, and what's best for movement. There are also many incredible costumiers on Instagram.

Most of these makers also do custom and bespoke, but these pictures are of items from their shops you can buy right away. They also do a range of costuming, from showgirl to characters, and produce panels skirts and other pieces. Others have specialities and focus on making just one item. Visit these links for more details! Descriptions and images are from their accounts, in order to represent them as they represent themselves.

I'll continue to add to this post till I have 12 listed. Feel free to name your favorites in the comments! 

Glorious Pasties
Custom burlesque costuming and showgirl stage wear

Manuge Et Toi
My name is Christina Manuge, and I am proud to be Canada's #1 Burlesque Costume Designer. As the sole proprietor of Manuge et Toi Design, I have been creating unique and luxurious burlesque costume pieces, for over a decade. All Manuge et Toi items are designed by yours truly, and handmade at my home studio in Ottawa, Canada. 
I have worked with many burlesque stars over the years, including... Roxi Dlite (Miss Exotic World 2010), Kalani Kokonuts (Miss Exotic World 2009), Coco Framboise, Scarlett James, Miss DD Starr, Miss Donna Hood, Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere, Ginger Foxx, Canadian Burlesque Hall of Famers Tanya Cheex and Mitzy Cream, and even the superbly fabulous Dita Von Teese! 
In this shop, I offer small made-to-order Manuge et Toi pieces such as pasties, g-strings, bras, shimmy belts, gauntlets, eugies and eugieniuses (Did the last two things sound like nonsense? You can learn about what they are, in my listings!). 

GothFox Designs
Gothfox Designs is a Sole Proprietorship owned and operated by Lorette Jackson. The goal of Gothfox Designs is to create a high quality product at an affordable price to the community. As a retired burlesque performer Gothfox Designs brings a sturdy crafting background and working knowledge of the ins and outs of burlesque costume design and function.
Gothfox Designs was created February 2006 with a small start on eBay which balloned into a personal website http://www.gothfox.com and then a supplemental Etsy store. Due to the amazing success of gothfox.com and the continually rising eBay fees the eBay store was closed in early January 2008. Etsy has since replaced eBay and is close to matching it's sales.
Gothfox Designs provides a range of nipple pasties including the basic high quality round, heart shaped and feathered designs. As well as a more elaborate couture line which includes unique shapes and uses of rhinestones. Nipple pasties by Gothfox Designs are sturdy and should hold up to typical wear and tear of performing and will look fabulous either onstage or in the bedroom.
Each pair is hand made to order, including the tassels! Yes I make each tassel by hand in order to ensure a quality product for all my customers. Tassels are then *magically* placed in an eyelet for easy twirling by everyone. This technique is especially great for beginners since it will allow the tassel to spin freely and not be caught up in the fabric of the pasties. All pasties are cupped to curve with your breast for optimal fit and can easily be applied by Double Sided Fashion Tape, Eyelash Glue, Spirit Gum or latex adhesive.Merkins to match any pair of pasties are available at request and a few are always available online. Feather Fascinators are also a popular product and always available including limited editions and continual designs.

Delilah Burlesque/Burluxe
Burluxe®: Sophisticated and elegant bodywear for the stage: burlesque, boylesque, drag and cabaret accessories, all handmade in New York city by Delilah. On stage, less is more!
Delilah is an international performer of 19 years. She is an expert at traveling light and making the maximum impact from subtle and powerful costuming. Adorn your beautiful self in elegant designs made specifically to highlight what the audience wants. YOU.
All of the items from Burluxe™ come from a drama-free household, and so every item will arrive to your door with happy and sparkly vibes.

Showgirl Sparkle
I love to help you sparkle!  I started doing burlesque in 2016, and I fell in love with it! So much sparkle, so much glamour! I soon fell down the rabbit-hole of costume embellishing, and I haven't looked back. I love using my art and design background to enhance costumes to the next level!  I love helping people achieve the costumes of their dreams; let me know what your vision is and we can create something wonderful together! You can hire me to do the embellishing for you, or you can just buy the rhinestones and experience the zen of rhinestoning for yourself! Pasties can be made in any size, shape, with or without tassels, and in any colour scheme. Some performers prefer a flatter, less conical pastie; as a personal preference, for assels.

Specializing in staves for burlesque feather fans and other creative fan construction! Designed for speed, built for strength and tested on stage. DIY instructions are available at www.donnatouch.com/pages/diystaves AND www.vimeo.com/153633984. Contact me with any questions or to inquire about a custom order!

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