Feline Friday: Blaze Burlesque

The first time I saw this costume, it reminded me of one of my favorite feline femmes fatales, Belita in Invitation to The Dance! I know Blaze from her volunteer work with the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and found out we share some inspirations, as well as our love for leopard print and the color red.

Blaze is from Dallas. Texas, and has been performing for 8 years. She is the fiery redhead known as ‘The Red Rose of Texas’! An international award winning performer & costume designer, she’s garnered accolades such as ‘Most Classic’, 'Biggest Tease' and 2014's 'Evil Queen of Burlesque'! She is the seamstress behind www.RedRoseRegalia.com and has created costumes for performers all over the world.

What was your inspiration for this costume?

Aside from the love of leopard print, I came across several vintage photos of beautiful gowns and combined my favorite aspects from each! Here's a link to my inspiration post about it.

Who made it, and how long did it take? 

I made it myself! As usual the costume evolved over quite a bit of time which included tweaks made after performances and choreo changes. I always council any performer that commissions me that the costume design will probably go through edits once you get it onstage and see how it works with you! This one I had to raise the leg slit a bit, change how the bustle attached as well as add more rhinestones (this seems to always happen lol)! There is actually a red rhinestone in the center of every single one of the leopard spots!

There is also a neat little detail on the bustline; the large red gems that line the edge are actually attached to the corset *underneath* the gown so when the gown comes off the gems stay attached and now are the decoration for the heavily rhinestoned corset!

I'm currently taking *very* limited commissions for custom costuming. If you're interested, please message me at blazeburlesque@gmail.com to discuss possibilities!

Tell me about the routine itself.

I was using 'Nasty, Naughty Boy' by Christina Aguilera but the music just wasn't working for me. It started off slow and 'classic' but eventually I tear the dress off, then the fully rhinestoned overbust corset leaving only a strappy body harness (made by Sew Very Dangerous Lingerie by Doris Night) and the choreo then gets pretty dirty!

Where will you be performing it next?

I'm not currently performing the act, but I am actively trying to find just the right song to create a new routine for it!

You can find out where Blaze will be performing next at
Custom costumes for Burlesque & Beyond

And check out my book 
Fierce: The History of Leopard Print!


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