Perle Noire's House of Noire Produce their First Intensive Workshop in NYC!

April 27, 2019

The Noire Experience is a 4-hour workshop with The House of Noire. This intensive is for burlesque lovers who have a passion for the art of striptease. The intensive will focus on technique, artistry, musicality, movement, and connection with the audience by embracing your beautiful imperfections. The class will offer 3 workshops in 4 hours. The fundamentals will include fan dancing, floor work, and the art connection during a striptease performance.

Details and Registration

About the House of Noire:
International burlesque sensation Perle Noire unveils her latest venture: a high-end transformative dance company inspired by the art of burlesque. Joining Perle on this journey are her gems: Bizzy LeBois, Pearls Daily, Taradise, and Tutu Toussaint. 
The House of Noire is an award-winning ensemble that specializes in thought-provoking burlesque choreography and 
opulent artistic expression. Noire offers striptease and non-striptease performances for corporate events, art exhibitions, casinos, dance workshops, festivals, and private events. Our mission is to showcase elegance, artistry, and healing power through burlesque and artistic expression. We are passionate about preserving the art of striptease, transformational performance art, burlesque education, and high-end glamour. 

Award List: 
Best Ensemble at The Burlesque Hall of Fame
Miss Coney Island- Pearls Daily
Miss New Jersey Burlesque- Taradise
Mama’s Choice at the Great Southern Exposure- Tutu Toussaint
The Original Queen of Burlesque- Perle Noire
Best Debut at The Burlesque Hall of Fame- Perle Noire
Most Dazzling Dancer at The Burlesque Hall of Fame- Perle Noire


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