Do You Produce A Burlesque Festival or Want to Perform in Burlesque Festivals?

Above: BurlyCon!

Did you know there's a list of Burlesque Festivals from around the world? You can use it to list your burlesque festival or convention (submission to the list is free!) or to find burlesque festivals to attend or apply to perform.

Check it out!

I'll be posting my tips for applying to burlesque festivals and shows soon! Here are some hot tips in the meantime:

Before you read this, don’t feel bad if you've made mistakes, we all do it sometimes when we’re tired or in a hurry. But just a reminder:
When someone makes a post about a performance opportunity and says,  "Please use the form on the site," “Please email only” or “Please send questions via DM” or other specific instructions that do not suggest asking questions in the comments, and you then ask a question in the comments which is what they just asked you not to do (or vice versa, ie if they DID ask for replies only in the comments and you sent a DM instead), there’s a possibility you’ve just made it clear that you don’t read and follow instructions, making yourself less desirable to work with.
It’s not just social media posts. Whenever someone asks me the best way to apply for a festival, or a gig of any kind, my first suggestion is:
1) Read the instructions.
My second suggestion is:
2) Follow the instructions.
My third and final suggestion is:
3) Don’t ask the OP any questions if there’s another way to get the answer, such as reading the instructions.
Again, don’t hate yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in this regard, because we’ve all done it and will all probably do it again. I am not the perfect example of someone who never makes professional mistakes, I assure you. This is just a humble and loving reminder that it’s in everybody’s best interests, especially your own, to read and follow the instructions. These are the first steps to being liked, and definitely the first steps to GETTING THE WORK.

Jo Weldon

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