Burlesque in Victoria

' A few days later, I catch the Cheesecakes performing at the Pride celebration at Fisherman's Wharf. There are a record 18,000 people there. The sun is scorching. The beer has run out and the drag queens are getting surly. But the troupe manages to keep the crowd in high spirits. Cheers explode when the women tear away velcro-seamed pants and spray sparkles for their finale, the Village People's YMCA. '
City women embracing burlesque style

Way to go, Victoria! Yay for more burlesque! I love the idea of them performing in front of 18,000 people.

At the end she says you can't teach burlesque, which I don't find to be true; I don't find that teaching people classic moves inhibits their abilities to find their own styles. It just inspires their confidence to give classic burlesque a try. I bet she ends up teaching in spite of herself!

My students at the last School of Burlesque showcase, June 2007. I didn't have any pix of the Cheesecakes!


We are so happy you enjoyed our show at Pride in Victoria! Next time you are here come and say 'hi'!

Champagne Sparkles


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