Sherry Britton in the New York Daily News

' I write about this glamour lady today because I recently learned she is still around and her heels are still clicking. I remember when she was called "Great Britton, a stripteuse with brains." '
She's still one great Britton

You'll love this article! Submitted by Laura Herbert.

I've interviewed Sherry and I hope to share that interview here soon. She has been a good friend to me and a great supporter of the shows I've been in. The shoes I wear for my fan dance and HH tribute number were Sherry's--they're pretty fabulous and she made me promise that if she gave them to me, I'd wear them onstage, so I do.

Laura, Me, Sherry, and Luke at Liz Goldwyn's screening of Pretty Things

One of Sherry's costumes on display at the screening.

I'm currently processing several interviews with Burlesque Legends--that means I'm waiting for all the pix to come in. I admit I'm a big sap and every one of these interviews leaves me a bit misty, even (and sometimes especially) when they're wild and raunchy. I'm such a fan!


Anonymous said…
hey! give us a heads up when you update a post. Lucky me for scrolling down and seeing these amazing pictures that were not there before. fantastic stuff!
I'll try, but I update a lot! Usually just spelling errors, though, or adding a link. These pix were part of the post before but I had made a technical error and they weren't visible.
Anonymous said…
I'm just busting your chops. those shots are great and I am delighted to see them. thank you!
Anonymous said…
I'm said to say that Sherry Britton has passed away on April 1, 2008. I am her first cousin and appreciate all the fond comments that all have to say. May she rest in peace.
Anonymous said…
I was saddened when I heard that Sherry had passed on. She was one of those women who confused me when I said, "But this beautiful woman is even (slightly) older than my mother!"

See you in Heaven, Sherry. We can have a drink and a laugh there.


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