There Goes the Neighborhood...

"Ivan Kane and his celebrity partners David Bowie and Sting are about to bring burlesque back to the Big Apple with a New York branch of Forty Deuce, Kane’s clubs in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
"But some neighbors of 19 Kenmare St., formerly Little Charlie’s Clam House between Bowery and Elizabeth St. — where the ground floor and basement are being converted for the burlesque club — are not ready for it.
"Indeed, about 1,200 neighbors in the area where Little Italy, Chinatown and Nolita converge signed a petition submitted on June 19 urging the State Liquor Authority to deny a liquor license for the club."

It seems that, in spite of these signatures, the community currently demonstrates support for burlesque, as there are many burlesque shows operating--many for several years--mere blocks away. The petitioners will have to show real cause for their objections besides that they don't want burlesque in their neighborhood; otherwise, refusing to allow the club to put on burlesque shows would be a form of unfounded discrimination against the content of the shows, and a very straightforward violation of the First Amendment.

Burlesque is ALREADY back in the Big Apple, baby! We're here, we're bare, get used to it!


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