Burlesque Memorabilia: A Pictorial History of Burlesque, 1964

Whitney gave me this magazine for my birthday, which should give you a sense of how lucky I am in my friends. From the moment you open this juicy item, you're happy. The very first image is a fantastic shot of a dancer from behind as she playfully flings around her fringe. It contains photos of stars you already know and love, like Blaze Starr, Dixie Evans, Jennie Lee, and Tempest Storm. Plus there are photos of stars you may not yet know, but will come to love, such as Queen Murine, who, the book says, "[l]ike many other features in the business, drives her own convertible all over the country from one appointment to the next, with her toy poodle as companion." Another memorable lady is "[t]all, sensuous, Paula Uhsan [who] discovered that a surefire way of getting and holding an audience was to take off her clothes while playing classical music....Today she is Paula, the girl with the golden violin, who works with two G-strings."

This is definitely one of my favorite burlesque memorabilia! You may be able to find a copy on amazon.com or on ebay.

A Pictorial History of Burlesque From A to Z
Sherbourne Press, Los Angeles, 1964.


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