Michelle L'Amour In Newer News...

'With sights seriously set on a series, the pilot for "L'Originale Burlesque" is in the works and is fixed on bringing back the glitz and glamour of the 1940s burlesque world, both celebrating and ritualizing the beauty and grace of the female form. Boasting elaborate, ostentatious costumes, intricate and period-specific dance techniques, as well as the art of the striptease itself, Breakout's provocative new series promises to entice and indulge.
'Director Shawn Foster (The Sun and Sugarcult music videos) is at the helm of this extraordinary little jewel starring the lovely and fiercely exotic Chicago burlesque queen Michelle L'Amour, who has been recently featured on "America's Got Talent." L'Amour has also been seen on Showtime's "Sexual Healing," as well as being featured in Women's Health, NY Post and Time out Chicago.'


Conveniently, Michelle is also teaching a class at the New York School of Burlesque next weekend. I'm not just sponsoring it, I'm taking it!

Above: Michelle at Exotic World, 2005.


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