Dixie Evans, Kitten DeVille, and Margaret Cho in Burlesque News!

'"I love the boys, the girls, all the movers and the shakers who come to our show," said former burlesque phenomenon Dixie Evans, 80.'

'Dixie plays a big role in keeping burlesque alive, Rio said, with a museum that allowed current dancers to learn from the original movers and shakers. Dixie's Exotic World, Home of the Movers and Shakers' Burlesque Museum and Striptease Hall of Fame in Helendale came about from her friend's collection of burlesque memorabilia.
Jennie Lee ran the Sassy Lassy nightclub until she was diagnosed with breast cancer and moved to an abandoned goat farm in Helendale. Dixie and her friend held a reunion there every year for their friends in the burlesque business.
"We didn't quite know what to do about the reunion when Jennie Lee died" in 1990, Dixie said. "But one thing was certain, she wanted to keep burlesque alive." So Dixie kept it going. That year marked the first Miss Exotic World pageant, where dancers in their 20s and 30s mix with older dancers, reunite with old friends and put on a show. '

I love it that Dixie is getting interviewed by the press all the time and being treated like the star she is to burlesque fans!

This is all so beautiful and amazing to me. One time I was standing next to her watching a show at Exotic World and I said, "Thank you for making this happen. This is my dream come true," and she said, "Thank you for being here. It's my dream too."

I found these articles when they were posted by Luke Littell in the Miss Exotic World Yahoo Group, which you can join here:


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