What a Bunch of Dogs!

Many of the performers in the uber-friendly New York burlesque community get to know each others' families, and that includes their pets. Bunny Love made the most of these personal connections by producing a Dog Show (striptease optional) at the Slipper Room.

dogshowbynormanblake 006
Bunny Love and Belvedere host the show

dogshowbynormanblake 010
Danny Biondo and Bela sing a song

dogshowbynormanblake 016
Suzanne puts Tiny Doug through the hoops

dogshowbynormanblake 014
Albert Cadabra and Ruby the Wonder Dog prepare to do a magic trick with audience participation

dogshowbynormanblake 013
Dottie Lux and Peggy Sue eat peanut butter

dogshowbynormanblake 008
Bambi the Mermaid and Willow perform a tribute to Love

Audience members were allowed to bring their dogs, and everyone behaved. Bunny reports that there was no cattiness backstage.


Anonymous said…
Love this! Guess we're all getting ready for the dog days of August.

I'm sorry I missed it :( I've seen Tiny perform and he's cute as a button!

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